Family and Community PAX Tools Facilitator Training

PAXIS Institute is pleased to announce Family and Community PAX Tools Facilitator Trainings.

An individual who completes this training will become a PAX Tools Community Educator, with the skills necessary to implement no-cost community-based trainings in PAX Tools. Participants receive a manual, as well as training materials for each PAX Tool. They also receive access to ongoing technical assistance and professional development through PAXIS.

What is PAX Tools? PAX Tools is a collection of trauma-informed, evidence-based behavioral strategies for families and communities to promote the development of self-regulation of the children in their lives. Caregivers who participate in PAX Tools seminars receive materials they need to effectively use PAX Tools with children, including the PAX Tools App.

Who Should Attend PAX Tools Facilitator Training? Ideal candidates for this training currently work in one of the following areas: community level prevention awareness/education, mental health and recovery, community health education, faith-based volunteer, county health dept., alcohol, drug addiction and mental health services, and extension offices.

IMPORTANT: PAX Tools is not a program for cost recovery, so PAX Tools Community Educators are strictly prohibited to charge anyone for attending a training. All trainings must be provided at no cost. Also, please note: PAX Tools does NOT take the place of PAX Good Behavior Game Training and is not intended for use with school teachers. 

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